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For most of students, accommodation will be your first time living independently and we strive to offer you a welcoming environment so that your new room instantly feels like home.

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Family accommodation:

All the host families have been specially chosen by IH Valladolid.
Enjoy an unforgettable experience staying with a host family. You will have privacy in your own room and at the same time you will be able to get in touch with the Spanish culture while you talk in Spanish with the family. As well as being the most enjoyable option, it is the cheapest for the students who plan to stay in Valladolid for a medium or a long period of time. The families usually live near IH Valladolid.

Room and board cover different options: half board (breakfast and lunch at about 2 pm) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Meals are served following the local custom, which is usually later than in your country, and it consists of typical dishes of the native cuisine.

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Student residence:

In this case rooms are individual and with an en-suite. You can book half or full board. The residence is very closed to IH Valladolid.

You must check well in advance the availability of this service with the school because it depends of the residence. In the residence you will live together with students from other countries, but it is highly likely that you will live together with students from different parts of Spain who come to study at Valladolid during the course.

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acomodation spanish valladolid


Valladolid has a wide range of accomodations of all grades, but remember that this is the most expensive accommodation in the city.