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Evaluation and Final Certificate

Evaluation and Final Certificate

Evaluation and Final Certificate in Valladolid

Your level of Spanish is determined by the placement test that you write on your first day as well as by the first week of classes when your teacher will continue to assess your Spanish and how you are doing in the class where you were placed. In addition, if you think that your class is too easy or too difficult, do not hesitate to talk with the Spanish Coordinator during the first week. The Coordinator is there for whatever needs you may have.

In order to give an assessment of your performance in the Spanish course, teachers will consider the following points:
1. Attendance
2. Involvement in class
3. Homework
4. Self-assessment reports
5. Tutoring attendance
6. Involvement in extracurricular activities
7. Final tests of the books used during the Spanish course


In the Final Certificate that is released to the students at the end of the course taken at IH Valladolid, they will find the name of the student, the dates of the course, the amount of hours used on each level (in class, homework and cultural activities) and a techer’s report about the performance of the student during the course, as well as observations and recommendations to the student. This certificate has an academic (non official) validity because is certificate of attendance and performance on the Spanish course. Currently, the only official certificate that acredites your level of Spanish is the DELE, runed by the Cervantes Institute and whose dates we provide you later on.

Exam DELE Course